Past Project

Project Image: Welcome Hanger

     “ Welcome Hanger ”

Original design by Judy Alduenda. This is the main piece of a multi-piece project. Other smaller seasonal pieces were painted and hang from the curve under the star. Please see our photo gallery for an example of one of the hanging pieces.

This Class project piece was custom cut by Mike Alduenda. More...

Tole Painting Classes...

For the beginner, advanced beginner, intermediate and more advanced painter.

Beginning classes are held twice a year and are usually in the Spring and Fall. Classes are held on a weeknight from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm however, the actual class night may change from year to year. Please see the class schedule for the next available class.

For the non-beginner, continuing classes are held weekly year round with a break during the summer and for the holidays. Evening classes are from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm ... morning classes are 9:30 am to 12:30 pm. Please see the class schedule for class availability.

All classes are taught by myself, Judy Alduenda, Independent Instructor and are held at my studio/classroom in Ramona, California. Ramona is located in Southern California in the County of San Diego. Class Details...

What Do I Teach?

I teach on a variety of mediums ... wood, metal, glass, screening, fabric, canvas, floor cloth material, heavy plastic, gourds, cardboard, paper, and walls. I primarily teach in acrylics. There are many styles of painting to be used on each of the media types. Though I do not teach 'one stroke', I do teach a variety of styles from whimsical and faux finishes to the more traditional, realistic and stroke work pieces.

I vary project pieces so I do not teach the same type of project on the same medium, at the same skill level all the time. Since skill levels vary per class, projects may vary per class. View past projects...

What Do I Supply?

Live instruction, demonstrations, written directions & project photos.

Brushes, paints and miscellaneous supplies are available for purchase in the classroom/studio.

All project pieces are available for purchase from The Tole Folks so there is no need to find a place to purchase the project. My husband Mike is my wood cutter so if the project is wood, it is a custom cut piece.